Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Hillary: winning in New Hampshire to become the 'comeback candidate...'

2.45am: It's so tight. CNN report that with 46% of the results in, Hillary Clinton has 40 per cent of the vote, with Barack Obama on 36.

Still a long way to go til this one's settled...

Sticking with CNN as they are updating by the minute.

2.55am: Getting tighter...52% of the precincts in: Clinton 39%, Obama 37%.

3.25am: Now 62% of precincts have reported: Clinton 39%, Obama 36%.

3.30am: 64% in: Clinton holding 39%, Obama still on 36%.

3.48am: 73% in: No change in margins.

With almost three-quarters of the vote declared, it's unlikely to change the result significantly I'm off to bed.

What an amazing result for Hillary after the roller-coaster of the past few days saw her written off by many pundits and certainly fighting for her political life.

The race with Barack Obama for the White House goes on...But after New Hampshire, Hillary has proved she's the comeback candidate.

Wonder if it was that trick of John Major's with the soap-box that did the trick?

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