Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Go Woofie...(update: he's through to third round...)

Deepings' darts champion Martin 'Wolfie' Adams defends his World Professional title tonight (Tuesday) at the Lakeside Country Club.

Martin, who lives round the corner on Broadgate Lane, Deeping St James, easily won his first round match on Sunday night. Ironically, his opening match in this year's championships was against Phil Nixon, the player he met in the final last year. Then Nixon came back from a near whitewash to within a whisker of denying Wolfie the title.

But on Sunday, according to the Stamford Mercury, Wolfie won convincingly in straight sets. Tonight Woofie meets Martin Phillips in the second round. I expect it will be on BBC2 following Newsnight...

I have to admit that televised darts is not my nine pints of beer, but I wish Woofie all the best in definding his title.

Interesting that darts has lifted its image somewhat and attracts coverage in the "quality" dailies, such as this in-depth interview on the sports pages of The Independent.

Go Woolfie.

UPDATE: Woolfie went through 4-0.


Anonymous said...

You do realise its live on BBCI Phil.

He played well.

I turned over bookies Stan James and Adams was in my treble.

fairdealphil said...



darts live on BBC1...??

you'll be telling me they're dumbing down next!!

i relied on BBC2 where they had about ten seconds of the Woolfie match on their main programme...followed by another programme with almost full dart by dart coverage...

which i watched out the corner of one eye while keeping focused on the main match last night in New Hampshire...

Good to hear you turned the bookies over...drinks on you!