Saturday, January 12, 2008

One of our bombs is missing...

I kid you not. The Royal Air Force has dropped a bit of a clanger...or to be more accurate, a bomb.

The training bomb, described as a having a charge like a giant firework, apparently fell by mistake from a Harrier jump-jet which was on a sortie from RAF Wittering to RAF Holbeach bombing range on Tuesday.

So it could be anywhere over south Lincolnshire or north Cambs. Our boys in blue ask us all to keep our eyes peeled, as they'd really like their bomb back.

It was thought to have been found yesterday in . But experts who rushed to examine a fin sticking out of the ground at Long Sutton discovered it was not the one they were looking for.

That's OK then.

So any old bomb won't do. The one you are looking for is like the one in my picutre. Police warn members of the public not to approach the bomb, but to call the police immediately.

I kid you not.

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Anonymous said...

Not half the bombshell nationalising Northern Rock will be.