Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sammy the Seal may be back...but who's Steve the Snapper?

Don't you just love these stories...?

This one started a year ago when Sammy the Seal became a local media after his (or is it her?) antics on the River Nene. But then Sammy slipped away.

The Peterborough Evening Telegraph tonight runs this photo taken a couple of days ago and concludes:"It's hard to tell but it could be Sammy..."

Look, this is serious. Yes, I know it's a bit fuzzy but please look closely. Is it or isn't it...?

For my money, it certainly looks like a seal, possibly doing a rather good impression of a large slug (as readers have commented...) And yes, it could be the return of Sammy...(although how can we be sure the original performing seal was in fact called Sammy...?!)

Anyway, the photo in tonight's paper was apparently snapped by reader Steve Farrell...

I'm not so bothered whether Steve has captured Sammy...

What I'm wondering is whether Steve the seal-snapper (or slug-snapper!) is the same Steve Farrell I used to commute with from Peterborough to London every day some 20-odd years ago...?

It's a small world.


Anonymous said...

Anything DSJ can do Cardiff does better !



fairdealphil said...


at least billy looks like a seal...!

hope Peterborough doesn't end up with a statue of a giant slimy slug...!!

Anonymous said...

Actually Billy the Seal was a Sealette.

He/she was reputed to frequently escape the pool in the park and on one occasion urban ledgend has he/she being recaptured trying to board a tram for Cardiff General Station.

But then as always nobody trusted the "Western Mail" - also known as the "Coal Owners Gazzette"

fairdealphil said...

at least the good people of cardiff only booked billy for travelling without a valid ticket...could have been worse: if he's landed in hartlepool, billy could have been hanged along with the monkey who the locals mistook for a Frenchie...!

fairdealphil said...

GW: you don't think Sammy could be related to Billy do you...?

Unlikely Sammy will try to get on a tram in Peterborough.

Fkirst of all, there are none, but if s/he tries to get on a bus, the local council are very strict and have and 'No Seals' signs fitted to every vehicle.