Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tory MP who handed his son £40k taxpayers cash faces new enquiry over payments to another son

The shamed Tory MP exposed yesterday for handing his student son more than £40,000 from public funds faces fresh charges that he also paid £32,000 in taxpayers cash to another son.

Conservative Leader David Cameron last night refused to withdraw the whip from Derek Conway MP, after his wrists were slapped by an official House of Commons enquiry for 'diverting' public funds to his son Freddie.

No surprise there, as only last week Mr Cameron said it was OK for parents to lie to get your children into the school of your choice.

But, if David Cameron thought the Derek Conway affair couldn't get any worse, it just did...

The Daily Mail splashes on allegations that Mr Conway faces a second sleaze enquiry over claims that £32,000 in parliamentary allowances was also paid to his other son Henry.

As I posted HERE yesterday, Mr Conway was rewarded with a ten-day holiday from the Commons after an official enquiry found he made payments to his son Freddie which were 'a serious diversion of public funds.'

If payments to his second son are proved to be a further 'diversion', I wonder if he'll have to extend his holiday by another ten days...?

Don't you just love the quaint House of Commons language to describe what an MP's misbehaviour...? Have you ever heard getting caught with a hand in the cash til as 'diverting public funds'.

I can think of a much simpler word for it.

Derek Conway is a senior Tory MP, first elected to Parliament 25 years ago. He was heavily touted as the next Mr Speaker - until yesterday's shameful revelations.

Can someone please explain why an MP who gets caught red-handed siphoning thousands of pounds of OUR money from the public purse is given ten days off work.

I can certainly think of more appropriate 'punishments'.

Mr Conway's treatment by the Standards and Privileges Committee appears to contrast starkly with Peter Hain's dilemma. Only last week, you will recall, Mr Hain lost his job and now faces a police enquiry for late reporting of private donations for an internal Labour Party election.

There was never a hint that Mr Hain had 'diverted' public funds as Mr Conway has done.

Today's Mail story doesn't say how Mr Conway funded Henry and Freddie through Harrow public school.

But isn't it time some searching questions were asked about how he's been spending our money for 25 years?

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