Friday, January 04, 2008

Tory MP who should stick to colouring...

Police are investigating a Tory MP after receiving a video of him allegedly driving a quad bike on a public road with a young girl perched on a pallet behind him - just days after a seven-year-old girl tragically died in a quad bike accident.

Thanks to today's Daily Telegraph, you can see the movie which appears to show Nicholas 'Bunter' Soames MP (grandson of Winston Churchill) chasing a New Year's Day huntHERE.

As well as the girl on the pallet, there's another two children and four adults in tow in a trailer on the back of the quad.

The Mirror had an exclusive splash on the story yesterday - and helpfully provided a link to a special 'biog' on Mr Soames - which reveals that when Michael Howard was Tory Leader he gave Mr Soames a birthday present of a colouring book!

Wonder what David Cameron would like to give him...?

In a separate case, police are considering whether to prosecute the father of a Elizabeth Cooke, the seven-year-old who died from multiple injuries after colliding with a Range Rover while riding a quad bike on Boxing Day.


Anonymous said...

I thought it was quite funny actually.

Could just imagine it really.

Pitty Nicholas didn't stick up two fingers to the person taking the photo because that would have made it even better.

Anonymous said...

I thought the story was quite funny really.

He could have at least stuck up two photos to the photographer though!

fairdealphil said...

You mean drive one-handed...wouldn't that have put his passengers in even more danger...?