Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Late surge by Hillary: its too close to call...

Polls now closed in New Hampshire and counting underway. The ABC network - and others - say a late surge by Hillary Clinton makes the Democrat nomination too close to call.

Associated Press have just reported it's neck-and-neck. Edwards is definitely third.

Obama may still win, but it looks likely the Clinton camp have fought back after a damaging few days and will be able to go on revived, saying they've performed much better than expected in NH after losing so badly in Iowa.

Good news too perhaps for Hillary's campaign manager, whose job was said to be on the line tonight. Looks like he lives to fight another state, or two.

Now the pressure will be on Barack Obama as he is now seen as a serious contender. Will be interesting to see how he performs under intense scrutiny from his opponents and the media, like he has not experienced until now.

As predicted, John McCain has won the Republican fight in New Hampshire.

Michigan should have been next stop on the campaign trail but most candidates have withdrawn after a local scandal and the result there next Tuesday will have little or no significance. Next to watch are the states of Nevada and South Carolina in 11 days - a week Saturday.

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