Saturday, January 26, 2008

Boris faces conflict charges as Ken opens poll lead...

Despite this week's disgraceful Dispatches hatchet-job and the never-ending daily bile spat out by the London Standard, Ken Livingstone has opened up a poll lead over Boris Johnson in the campaign to be Mayor of London.

And Saturday's Guardian turns the spotlight on Boris Johnson who faces a conflict of interest charge and interesting revelations about who's paying for his campaign HQ...

The latest YouGov/ITV London poll was taken after the Dispatches programme this week and puts Labour's Ken on 44 per cent, Tory Boris Johnson on 40 per cent and LibDem Brian Paddick on eight per cent.

Good to see Londoners standing up to the barrage of outrageous attacks on their Mayor. Londoners know Ken and trust him to do what's best for London.

It's already the dirtiest campaign ever mounted against Ken Livingstone - and I expect the daily venom against him which oozes from the London Standard to intensify as the campaign hots up.

But Londoners have come to expect outrageous personal and political attacks on Ken's integrity and they see straight through them.

I hope Londoners will go on rejecting the lies and unsubstantiated allegations. If Ken is judged on the real issues such as what he has delivered on transport, crime, affordable housing, the environment and community relations, he'll win hands down on May the First.

* Meanwhile, Boris was on the campaign trail today - but not in London.

The Tory chancer's visit to his constituency in Oxfordshire serves to highlight how close Boris is to London issues.

So close in fact, that he didn't bother to turn up once for the crucial House of Commons on the £16 billion Crossrail line which has been given the go-ahead by the Labour Government.

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Anonymous said...

"Londoners have come to expect outrageous attacks on Ken's integrity" says Fairdeal.

Just so. And those of us who can remember things for longer than one day will recall where some of these past attacks came from.

OK. I agree. Boris is poison. For all his faults, Ken has earned his votes. His record on transport has been utterly brilliant and in the face of opposition from Stephen Byres, Alastair Darling & Co.