Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Hillary talks about ironing, but is it curtains?

The question of whether America is ready to elect its first black President thankfully seems to be yes, but what about a woman in charge...?

Two young men shouted Iron my Shirt at an eve of poll Hillary Clinton rally in New Hampshire suggesting there might be a few dinosaurs left who believe a woman's place is in the house, but not the White House.

Turns out that it was more a stunt to promote a local radio station than a real political point.

Some grassy knoll cynics are even speculating that the whole Iron My Shirt stunt may have been posed by the Clinton camp themselves to turn down the heat she's feeling from Obama.

Iron My Shirt certainly didn't do Hillary any harm in the media war. It allowed her to make a point on national TV that she was hoping to break through the ultimate glass ceiling.

Later, she was able to joke that if anyone in her audience wanted to know how to iron a shirt, she was happy to talk about it!

Would it be too cruel (or premature) to suggest that it's not shirts that Hillary should be talking about ironing, but curtains...!

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