Tuesday, January 08, 2008

ET's webcast slip confuses SKDC with SHDC...

The Peterborough Evening Telegraph don't seem to know their South Kesteven from their South Holland when it comes to local councils.

A news item in Monday's edition suggests that Peterborough City Council may take a leaf out of South Kesteven's book by webcasting council meetings to make them more accessible to council taxpayersPeterborough Evening Telegraph.

In fact it is South Holland who deserve the credit for currently webcasting their meetings, not South Kesteven who are not doing webcasts as far as I know.

The ET then compounded their error by referring to South Kesteven's Chief Executive as Terry Huggins.

Last time I looked, Chief Exec. of Grantham based SK was still Duncan Kerr. Terry Huggins is Chief Exec. of Spalding-based neighbours South Holland District Council...

Meantime, full county council meetings at Lincolnshire have been available by webcast for some time.

You can see the last Lincs CC meeting in its full glory (complete with contributions from yours truly!)HERE.

Just thought you ought to know!

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