Sunday, October 14, 2007

Deepings girl conkers all...

Full marks to the Head Teacher at Linchfield School for keeping the great British tradition of conkers alive and well.

It's all down to Head Teacher St John Burkett who organised the Battle of the Golden Conker at the Deeping St James Primary School - drilling thousands of conkers which children collected.

Ten-year-old Sophie Langan was crowned champion - with a garland of conkers - after beating fellow ten-year-old Dylan Knowling in the tense final.

Dylan told the Bourne Local he was chuffed to get to the final and felt like England winning the rugby until he met Sophie (picture from the Local website).

Hope that's not an omen for the final of the Rugby World Cup!


Anonymous said...

While we are praising people, how about a blog in support of those excellent citizens who are campaigning to reopen Littleworth Halt at Deeping St Nicholas on the criminally neglected Peterborough-Spalding train line?

fairdealphil said...


always happy to support those campaigning to extend public transport - specially rail.

the big barrier to re-opening rural stations used to be cost of a platform - but advancing technology and new ways of working must make it easier these days..

don't recall seeing any coverage on littleworth halt lately..have i missed it in the local papers?

Anonymous said...

You have.

Spalding Guardian

5th October

Try using the search engine, Phil