Saturday, October 20, 2007

Sick pervert has lost everything, well not quite everything...

The deeply depraved behaviour of a sick paedophile living right here in The Deepings serves as a disturbing reminder of the need for vigilance to protect children.

The wicked 43-year-old Inland Revenue worker gave a 13-year-old girl a teddy bear with a secret camera in its glass eye so he could secretly film her undressing. He also gave her a pen fitted with an electronic device to relay images to a video machine where he could spy on the girl.

He even installed a software on his victim's computer which allowed him to read all her e-mails.

Police seized his laptop from his Market Deeping home - together with a briefcase full of surveillance equipment.

His solicitor told Lincoln Crown Court:
These offences have cost him everything. He has lost his home, his relationship, his work, his friends and his family.
Thankfully, he has now lost his liberty.

And I have to say, he should count himself lukcy that's all he's lost...

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