Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Tories in turmoil...(not my headline)

It's direct from the Messenger newspaper in Manchester where the Tory Leader of Trafford Council - who has high hopes of toppling a cabinet minister at the next general election - faces a massive political crisis in her own party.

Susan Williams sacked two members of her Executive for having the temerity to vote on a matter of principle. Now a third Executive member has quit over her lack of leadership.

You might just remember the name Susan Williams from my report of an embarrassing court case in August in which a former Mayor of Trafford won a historic discrimination ruling against her own council - costing local ratepayers over £100,000.

Yep, the very same council 'led' by the very same Susan Williams.

And the very same Susan Williams who wants to be MP in the Bolton West, the currently held by cabinet minister Ruth Kelly.


Anonymous said...

Well spotted Phil. Good story.

Anonymous said...

It seems odd to refer to a matter of principle without saying what principle was said to be involved.

That's just Punch & Judy without telling us the content.

Chris Paul said...

Didn't see this in the MEN yet ... don't forget Susan W also claims to be a super-consultant on how to do local government!!!!!