Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Tories savaged non-domicile tax plan they have now adopted...

Tory hypocrisy has hit new depths over their much-derided domicile tax plan unveiled this week.

It turns out that the idea was first proposed by the LibDems a few years ago - when it was ruthlessly savaged as unworkable by, er, the Tories!

Blogging MP Tom Watson has discovered the incriminating Central Conservative Office document which explains why it's a non-starter.

Where did Tom find the document that leaves David Cameron with egg all over his face as he prepares to try to save his bacon with a make-or-break speech later today?

Er, would you believe on the Conservative Party's very own website!

I hear the sound of Cameron's flip-flops...


Anonymous said...


Am I right in thinking that Labour supports taxing the non-doms, it's just that they have not got round to it yet?

Anonymous said...

Didn't take them long to copy another Conservative policy.

fairdealphil said...


There's a big difference with Tory spin and Labour delivery.

Labour's figures add up. Tories don't.

The Tory idea of giving a tax break for a few people who don't need it shows they are still the nasty party.

I prefer Labour's fairer approach of investing the money instead in schools and hospitals for all.

A far better legacy, don't you agree?