Sunday, October 14, 2007

What about your own village Ray...?

Bemused to see more controversy over a recycling centre for Stamford reported in the Mercury.

We also need recycling facilities to serve the Deepings and we have an ideal privately-run site here on Station Road - away from residential areas yet convenient for the 12,000 residents.

But trying to get local authority support for our own home-grown site over the past couple of years has been like knocking my head against a brick wall - despite the fact that it wouldn't cost hundreds of thousands of pounds of public money which councillors seem to want to throw at Stamford's problem.

I notice that district councillor Ray Auger was chairing a meeting about the controversial plans for a Stamford site...

Ray lives here in Deeping St James.

As a resident, Ray benefits from the weekly skip which is now paid for by Deeping St James Parish Council after total frustration at lack of support from South Kesteven District Council and Lincolnshire County Council.

I look forward to the day when Ray puts as much effort into getting recycling problems sorted in his own village as he does for Stamford...


Anonymous said...

If you talk to Ray privately, as I have done, he is against the whole business of charging for household rubbish collection.

Unlike the political leaders of South Norfolk District Council, he will not say publicly what he believes.

So, yes, have a go at Ray, he's only himself and his colleagues to blame.

fairdealphil said...

personally, i'm not against the idea of the wheelie bins as previously skdc's rate of recycling was abysmal.

as for Ray, he's actually come a long way since saying at at a parish council some years ago that reecycling in skdc was totally impractical because of its rurality.

Anonymous said...

Like you, Phil, I agree the drive to increase recyling is good.

My point was about paying for rubbish collection.

South Norfolk District Council said what they thought about it.

This sort of behaviour gives politics a good name.

South Kesteven, on the other hand, regarded it all as a strictly private matter.

This sort of behaviour gives politics a bad name.

I think you understand me, really.

Anonymous said...

Is paying for rubbish collection on the agenda, then? Who says it is? Cllr Auger is hardly going to comment on something that isn't being considered ... I haven't seen it in any of the newspapers.

Anonymous said...

Well, Samantha, it's a hot topic in the Daily Mail.

You can be forgiven for avoiding the Daily Mail.

But the think tanks and consultants have all been advocating it, and much of their work is online.

The government have been pushing for it privately behind the scenes.

Some District Councils like South Norfolk told them 'No' publically.

Other, less well run. District Councils, like South Kesteven told them 'No' privately.

Leaving their public very confused.