Monday, October 29, 2007

British Youth Council attack Police for 'trick or treat' warnings...

I don't normally subscribe to the 'Political Correctness Gone Mad' view of events, but came close when I read that a youth charity was attacking Lincolnshire Police for trying to prevent anti-social behaviour on Halloween and Bonfire Night.

The British Youth Council claims police and local councils are being 'killjoys', discriminating against youth and 'demonising' young people by issuing warnings about 'trick or treating' and firework abuse.

What complete tosh.

Timely warnings about so-called 'trick or treating' and firework abuse are a proper response to widespread public concern, particularly by elderly people who dread this time of year.

An out of touch BYC spokesperson makes this astonishing claim:

I don't know what the figures are but I suspect the percentage of young people who cause trouble is tiny - about the same as the percentage of adults who cause trouble.

She's wrong. As she admits, she doesn't know the figures.

The best thing the BYC could for youth is back the Police when they are trying to do their job of protecting all of us.

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