Thursday, October 18, 2007

Ant and Dec not really exec producers: it's another ITV con

Even though Ant and Dec were 'Executive Producers' of their Saturday Night Takeaway show, ITV boss Michael Grade now says they did not know that millions of viewers were being cheated out of their money.

How can Michael Grade clear the pair?

Wait for it...

Grade now tells claims that Ant and Dec were shown on the credits of the show as 'executive producers' simply for their 'vanity'.

In other words, they weren't really in charge at all.

Another con - on top of the one I reported on earlier.

FACT 1: The Great Train Robbery netted a couple of million pounds for the crooks.

FACT 2: ITV have already admitted they wrongly raked in over £8 million from innocent viewers.

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Dave Pearson said...

Not that I really disagree with the main thrust of your point, but:

FACT 3: Adjusted for inflation the Great Train Robbery took somewhere in the region of £40,000,000.

FACT 4: The Great Train Robbery was a deliberate armed robbery.

Don't you think you're belittling the scale of the GTR with your comparison. I mean, it's not like anyone has actually been physically assaulted by ITV, is it?