Tuesday, October 30, 2007

British Youth Council attacks Police for 'trick or treat' warnings...

I don't normally subscribe to the 'Political Correctness Gone Mad' view of events, but came close when I read about a youth charity attacking Lincolnshire Police for trying to prevent anti-social behaviour on Halloween and Bonfire Night.

The British Youth Council claims police and local councils are being 'killjoys', discriminating against youth and 'demonising' young people by issuing warnings about 'trick or treating' and firework abuse.

What complete tosh.

Police warnings about "trick or treating" are a proper response to widespread public concern, particularly by elderly people who dread this time of year.

One totally out-of-touch BYC spokesperson makes this astonishing claim:

"I don't know what the figures are but I suspect the percentage of young people who cause trouble is tiny - about the same as the percentage of adults who cause trouble."

She's wrong. As she admits, she doesn't know the facts.

The best thing the BYC could for youth is back the Police when they are trying to do their job of protecting all of us.


Anonymous said...

In response to your above comment.

The British Youth Council (BYC) did not call the police ‘kill-joys’ if you read the BBC news article again the sub-heading ‘kill joy’ refers to a quote by the police. BYC is not ‘attacking’ the police but expressing concern that young people may be imprisoned or fined if they are found in possession of flour or eggs. BYC is a national youth charity and is committed to expressing the concerns of young people.

Just to emphasise again BYC does not ‘attack’ the police, but encourages them to work with young people in their communities.

In fact I am quite disappointed with this view as from your profile it seems like you have done a lot of work for older people in the Deepings but yet you don’t recognise the issue that affects many smaller towns, like Deeping, of a generational divide between the older and the young.
Rachael Dumigan is not of touch, she was highlighting the need for the majority of young people not to be branded because of the actions of a minority.

Plus it was rather over the top to pull her down on not producing precise figures – especially since you haven’t produced any to the contrary.

Relationships between older people and young people are not going to improve if there are not more positive actions taken. The majority of young people do not take part in anti-social behaviour so why reinforce negative stereotyping of young people?

I direct you to BYC’s website www.byc.org.uk – you may want to look at our Respect? Campaign which deals with these issues. There is a very interesting report ‘The Voice behind the hood’ produced by BYC and YouthNet you may be interested in. If you email BYC they will be happy to post you a copy.

Helen Deakin

Anonymous said...

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