Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Will the last Tory leaving Blackpool turn the lights out...?

This was the headline on the leaflet which gets my Award for the Best of Conference Season. It was distributed this week by members of Blackpool Labour Party who are clearly worried that the John Redwood agenda adopted by David Cameron would threaten the future of Blackpool Illumninations.

The leaflet also features a photo of David Cameron lurking in the shadows behind his then boss, the Tory Chancellor Norman Lamont.

Mr Lamont and Mr Cameron had just emerged from Number 11 Downing Street. It was taken as the hapless Mr Lamont announced that it has been "a difficult day"£ on the international markets so he was hking interest rates by another three per cent (on top of a two per cent hike earlier in the day) to take rates to a record 15 per cent.

It was of course Black Wednesday.

No wonder that in a poll last week, 59-per-cent of those asked said they trusted Gordon Brown to run the economy. While less than 20 per cent trusted David Cameron.

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Anonymous said...

I once turned the lights out on Europe - I was the last one to leave the European Parliament trip and had the honour of 'flicking the switch'.

To this day my wife Morag makes me re-tell this story in "glrious technicolour" as she calls it.

"I am not a TV Morag" I have to remind her before we cuddle up and watch the cats lick themselves for the evening.