Thursday, October 25, 2007

LibDum devious plot spectacularly backfires...

This is a newspaper's view of the LibDums after a devious plot they hatched to embarrass the Tories went spectacularly wrong: Would you believe it, the hapless LibDum plotter mistakenly left his plans on his opponent's answer phone...!!

Now the Tories on Tynedale Council are demanding that the bungling local Leader of the LibDems falls on his sword after his spectacular gaffe, which is helpfully explained blow-by-blow in today's Newcastle Journal.

As well as the specially commissioned cartoon ripping the mickey out of the LibDums, the Journal also carried a full transcript of the telephone message left on a Conservative councillor's answer machine by mistake.

The Journal is, of course, the local morning paper in Newcastle where the LibDems run the local city council.

Bet they don't see the funny side of their colleague's cock-up.

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Anonymous said...

"Cheers now, tada." It's Tada-gate!

In the words of the late Terry Thomas, what an absolute shower.