Friday, October 19, 2007

Bluetongue: it's a kick in the shins says NFU...

The bluetongue outbreak won't affect your Sunday dinner says Peterborough National Farmers Union is a plea for public support.

Stuart Bish, local spokesperson for the NFU sums up the blow for local farmers after a ram was confirmed with the disease this week with these words:

"It's a kick in the shins...What people could do is get out and buy British Lamb. It is 110 per cent safe...The ones that go for slaughter will be the ones that are perfectly healthy."
And don't forget the mint sauce.

UPDATE: Bluetooth may well be a kick in the shins - or even the ear. But whatever it is, sheep don't have it...I confused my bluetooth with my bluetongue in my haste earlier. Hope it brightened up your Friday...Thanks to Hawkeye Brynley for spotting my slip..!


Anonymous said...

Charles Kennedy tells me that Bluetooth is wireless internet access and Bluetongue is a livestock virus.

Is he right?

fairdealphil said...

Thanks Brynley for being the first to spot my (non) deliberate error...!

hope you liked the blog on rail...