Monday, October 15, 2007

"Shafted by a complete shower of shits..."

How LibDem MP Mike Hancock tonight summed up why Ming Campbell resigned as party leader.

And you can see what he means, as Ming wasn't even at his own resignation announcement.

And tonight, what an appalling TV spectacle we are subjected to, as Deputy Leader Vince Cable and Party President Simon Hughes appearing as Tweedledee and Tweedledum, together astonishingly mournful on Newsnight and other media faking surprise and shock.

They looked like a pair of guilty schoolboys, caught red-handed by teacher.

Astonishing that both Ming's Deputy Vince, and Party President Simon were forced to admit that neither of them had even spoken with Ming today.

As I posted at lunchtime today, Dick Taverne put the knife in, claiming that Ming at 66, was just too old...

So Vince has stepped into the breach.

He's only 64...!

So who do BBC Newsnight turn to for comment...?

Step forward Mark Oaten, who was forced to drop out of the contest for rather unsavourary reasons 18 months ago when their last Leader was stabbed in the back...

Have the back-stabbers actually thought that their problem might not be their Leaders...?

It might just be them!


Anonymous said...

I recall the same sort of thing happening to a former MP for Sedgefield Phil.

There's even a couple of stories on my Blog abouth the current PM getting a bit of it too!

Nevertheless it was a poor show as Mike Hancock quite rightly pointed out on Radio 4 this morning.

fairdealphil said...


i notice mr h. toned his language down a bit overnight and talked, about Ming being treated rather unfairly by

"a complete shower of, er, people..."

Anonymous said...

"Shower of Sh*t"

Nice to see Mark Oaten is still active !