Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Nth Lincs voters ask Tories: 'where's my 40 quid...?'

Four years ago, the Tories in North Lincolnshire made a solemn promise to local people: Elect us and we'll cut your council tax bills by £40.

They won the election, but guess what...?

The local Tories have reneged on the deal they made every year since - despite generous above-inflation grants from the Labour Government year-on-year!

Instead of the LOWER bills and REBATES they faithfully promised, the Tories
have demanded HIGHER and HIGHER council tax bills year after year.

What a con.

In a few weeks time, the good people of North Lincolnshire have a chance to elect a new council...

And people are asking the same question they've been asking the Tories ever since 2003...

Where's my £40?

They should be asking'where's my £160': As Scunthorpe MP Elliott Morley points out, if the Tories had kept their promise and cut bills by £40 four years ago, council tax payers should now be paying £160 less from that base year.

But as this year's council tax bills drop on doormats across Lincolnshire, residents would settle for a £40 cash rebate.

I wouldn't advise any of them to hold their breath...!

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