Thursday, February 08, 2007

Does anyone have a transcript of Ken Clarke's Question Time comments...?

Did former Home Secretary Ken Clarke really suggest on BBC TV Question Time a few minutes ago that the reports of a plot to behead a British Muslim soldier were Labour spin...?

Were the events of 9/11, 7/7 and 21/7 also fantasies...?

I may just have misheard, but Ken's comments sounded highly irresponsible to me, particularly coming from a former Home Secretary.

Does anyone have a transcript...?


Anonymous said...

Well the police haven't actually SAID there was a plot to behead these soldiers have they? This story has just emerged. We know the Government has an interest in people believing this goes some way towards justifying their blundering campaign in Iraq(which of course was launched on a lie). We know how these stories come out on the BBC(Government sources indicated...). And we also know that Blair has a record of telling lies to the British people(Iraq's WMD). So the idea that the story has been spun is hardly controversial. Indeed only the most niave person would think that the New Labour PR machine has sat back while this story has emerged.

For once, I agree with Clarke.

John Wards said...

I'm with Michael here.

All the "sources" for the story were whitehall, not police.

What the hell are whitehall briefing about an on going case for...they've been moaning enough about other people briefing about another high profile case which is currently on going.

Parlicoot said...

The programme is still available online at the BBC web site:

The section is a few minutes into the programme.

Anonymous said...

i too agree with clarke.

its quite typical of the labour spin machine.

fairdealphil said...


Well the police haven't actually SAID there was a plot to behead these soldiers have they?...

Er, yes they have.

Five men appeared in court today, one of them charged with involvement in an alleged plan to kidnap and kill a member of the British armed forces.

The full charge alleges that he engaged in conduct to give effect to his intention to kidnap and kill a member of the British Armed Forces between 1 November 2006 and 31 January 2007.

He and the other four are charged with supplying equipment and funding for terrorism under the Terrorism Act 2006 and the Terrorism Act 2000.

Still, I suppose it's just some New Labour plot eh...?

Anonymous said...

They have NOW Phil! Before that it was just Whitehall. A liar can hardly expect credibility for his claims, when he has been shown to have lied so many times before. Blair is the political equivalent of the boy who cried wolf.

And they have been CHARGED Phil. Or have you already had the trial in secret and had the GEC act as the jury?