Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Lethal teenage weapon...

The South Lincs teenager whose dangerous driving killed his 16-year-old passenger drove the wrong way round a roundabout to overtake a friend - just minutes before the fatal crash, the Lincs Free Press reveals today.

Adam Edgoose passed his driving test just seven months before crashing his Ford Escort at Kirton, claiming the life of his back seat passenger Nathan Fletcher of Gosberton Clough.

After going round Sutterton roundabout the wrong way, Edgoose drove into Kirton where he attempted to overtake another vehicle on a bend. But his car clipped a verge and the car rolled into a ditch leaving him with a broken back and Nathan dead.

As the Judge said, sentencing Edgoose to three-and-a-half years prison, nothing can compensate for his actions which killed Nathan.

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