Sunday, February 11, 2007

Never mind the four inches, let's talk about the eight feet...

The pathetic reaction in our country to a sprinkling of snow earlier this week contrasts with reports of eight feet of snow dumped on upstate New York at the same time.

If that's not enough, up to four more feet of snow are predicted in some parts of the US over this weekend, along with 25 miles per hour winds.

The village of Parish - about 25 miles north-east of Syracuse, New York - reached a milestone with 100 inches of snow over the past seven days, according to the US Weather Service.

That's 25 times the four inches maximum which fell in a few parts of the UK earlier this week. Here, it melted almost instantly, but caused chaos and panic, including the over-reaction of shutting down of thousands of schools for two days.

In New York state, parked 4x4s are evident only by their antennas or roof racks visible above the snow's surface, front doors are totally buried, footprints in the snow lead to second-story windows; and six foot-thick slabs of snow slide off roofs, forming colossal arches as they stretch intact to the ground...

As you can see by the photo, that's a proper snow-fall.

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Louise Baldock said...

I have a friend in Florida who used to live in New York state when he was a child. Now middle-aged he says his blood has thinned since he lived in the south and he cannot handle the cold at all. However, I have seen photos of him as a child with snow drifts as high as the first floor windows (and that is upstairs for the non-UK readers)
When I lived in the Pennines, we "did" weather, whereas over here in Liverpool we really don't have any weather to speak of at all.