Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Grocer's daughter returns to House of Commons

Margaret Thatcher returns to the House of Commons tonight. And this time, it's for good!

The grocer's daughter from Grantham - otherwise known as 'The Iron Lady' has been turned to bronze in the form of a larger than life (over seven foot tall) statue.

It will permanently face the famous statue of Winston Churchill in the Members' Lobby.

Until the unveiling tonight by Speaker Mick Martin, Lady Thatcher has apparently been hidden away in a wooden box in the Palace of Westminster – that’s the statue, not the real thing!

She's the first living former PM to be honoured with a statue in the Commons and is expected to attend tonight's ceremony.

The bronze depicts Baroness Thatcher in mid-debate with notes in one hand, leaning forward to make a point with the forefinger of the other.

So what happened to the handbag?


Anonymous said...

A great day for Britain. Let's hope Cameron sees this statue every time he goes in to betray the ideas she represented.

fairdealphil said...

will be interesting to see how the statue is received by tradition, Tories touch Churchill's foot as they enter the Chamber...

Of course, Maggie lost her head last time someone did a statue of her, but i've no doubt MPs will be better behaved than the yobs outside...

Jonathan Sheppard said...

A fitting tribute. Not sure there will be room for the current PM once he leaves office.