Thursday, February 08, 2007

Conservatives are sexist bullies...says Tory councillor

A young female councillor has quit the Conservatives claiming she was subjected to bullying and sexism from colleagues in her own party.

In another blow to Conservative Leader David Cameron's attempt to persuade voters that the Tories are no longer the 'nasty party', Chester City Councillor Marigold Roy has launched her new website with a scathing press release.

Here's just a flavour:

I have today resigned from the Conservative Party as I no longer wish to be associated with a party that is prepared to tolerate the bullying culture that prevails in the Chester Conservative Association.

In Chester Conservatives, I was subjected to, and witnessed, sexist behaviour and bullying on an unprecedented scale, which would not be tolerated in any other organisation.

My decision has been further reinforced by the bullying and harassment, by Association Officers, of the young Vice Chairman Conservative Future after his resignation last week.

As a result of these experiences, I urge any female or young person to think very carefully indeed before volunteering for Chester Conservatives.
In other words: Same old Tories.


Anonymous said...

Doesn't the party there have a female council leader? Yeh real sexist culture that(!). Poor old Marigold didn't get her prominent position, so she went for the headlines and fame with gullibles like Phil. I trust the councillor will be resigning her seat to give her constituents a chance to endorse her decision...or maybe not. I am sure the people of Chester - who flocked to the Tories at the last council elections...will kick out this silly woman who has insulted their intelligence, at the first opportunity.

Poor old Phil. Clutching at straw(s) here a bit. The PM has been caught selling seats in the legislature of our nation, and you lead with a story about a woman in a mood. Dear oh dear, it'll be tragic if it wasn't so funny.

Anonymous said...

"a story about a woman in a mood"

Dear me, Michael, you seem to be making Phil's point for him.

Anonymous said...

I am not and never have been a member of the Tory Party. And at the moment I doubt I will vote for them in the next election...luv.

fairdealphil said...


you live abroad and you have a vote in elections to decide who runs this country...?

you should be locked up.

i think a word with the Fraud Squad is in order, don't you?

Anonymous said...

she's a nice bit of totty.

can bully me anyday!

Anonymous said...

re-run channel 4 news tonight and you will discover more bullying including an allegation that one former mp was guaranteed to be a minister in exchange for sex.

fairdealphil said...


Judging by your comments, you'd clearly fit in well with Chester Conservatives.

Go on, you know you want to...

fairdealphil said...


bullying needs to be challenged wherever it rears its ugly school, the workplace, the council chamber or even parliament.

fairdealphil said...


thanks for bringing the discussion back home to Lincolnshire!

yes, former Tory Leader Jim Speechley was officially named as a bully who led our county council in a culture of fear...

has it stopped?

i hope so, but not being a Tory insider, i can't be sure...

praps one of our Conservative councillors would stop being anonymous and enlighten us all...

fairdealphil said...

or are they too frightened...?

Anonymous said...

Phil, thanks for both your replies. Firstly, I have a vote in the UK because I do not have a vote here. I own property in the UK, remain a subject, and have as much right to vote as anyone else. I know the left have a tradition of modelling democracy in a way that suits their needs, but I hardly think Britain needs that. I am not aware of the Fraud Squad dealing with that sort of thing. And coming from the party that went into overdrive falsifying postal votes at the last election, that is rather rich. As far as I am concerned, my property gives me far more right to vote than most of the welfare dependent illiterates who troop out for the Labour.

You are still having trouble explaining how a council led by a woman has been engaged in "sexist bullying". You have carried a story that has been made to look ridiculous. Bless.

Anonymous said...

I am not a member of any party, but most people, even a lot of Tories, count as "the Left" to people with the view that, "... my property gives me far more right to vote than most of the welfare dependent illiterates ..."

I hadn't heard of land-based voting rights since O-level history and didn't realize that some people still thought like this - so I suppose I should be grateful for the reminder.

Especially as I do not own any property anywhere ... although I am reasonably literate. So, for which party should I vote? And why?

Anonymous said...

I share Mark's gratitude for being reminded that there are still one ot two people out there who have not yet come to terms with the nineteenth century Reform Acts, which gradually abolished property qualifications for the vote.

Keep up the good work, Mr Oakeshott. We all need a lighter side.

Anonymous said...

You should stay at home Mark and avoid confusing yourself.

I have always found it a little strange that people who have no stake in the nation get a say in its governance. I can see a lot of good arguments for saying that it should be one vote per household. Or perhaps one vote per house. I don't think it benefits the nation to have to reckon with the views of people who have nothing.

Anonymous said...

And what is the nation, if it is not the people living in it as citizens?

I'm worried about you, Michael. Are you looking after yourself properly?

Anonymous said...

It is the PROPERTY and the people. It always has been.

My health...shimpai shinai de kudasai.

fairdealphil said...


Postal vote fraud?

Yes, a tiny minority of Labour Party members have in the past ignored clear advice from the Labour Party and abused the rules on postal votes.

I can assure you that such action is condemned by the Labour Party.

Perhaps you are thinking of the LibDems? Ask your dad, he'll be able to tell you about the LibDem councillors convicted of postal vote fraud...

Thanks for the explanation on how you are able to vote here while living abroad.

Your strange belief that you have far more right to vote in UK than than the "welfare dependent illiterates" who troop out for Labour says a great deal.

Shame on you Michael.

Finally, i think you'll find that the council which you say is led by a woman is actually led by a man.

Almost right!

fairdealphil said...


forgot to ask: how do you feel about women having the vote...?

(while you've been away we've gone and given it to them...)

Anonymous said...

The Party there is led by a woman, as I said at the top. Didn't know that when you are the story did you? Oops.

Lib Dems...whatever made you think I care about the Lib Dems?

I have no problem with women having the vote(I didn't leave before 1918), assuming Samantha isn't able to find a ballot box.

Louise Baldock said...

It's fascinating that Mr Oakeshott thinks that having a woman as leader means you cannot be sexist. I guess that means he thinks the Tories under Thatcher were egalitarian and in favour of supporting and promoting women. Au contraire!

Swiftly pulling up drawbridges and ladders behind her more like...

I could also point you at the case of the Tory candidate in Colne Valley in 2005 - withdrew because the men were bullying her about her not wearing short enough skirts.

Or how about the Tory candidate in Calder Valley who withdrew saying the men in the party were bullying her too? She was from Cheshire if I am remembering it correctly.

It is nothing new, the Tories have always been the party of the white man and nothing has changed.

The much trumpeted A list of specially selected candidates, women and ethnic minority candidates with a few youngsters and celebs thrown in, had to be scrapped after the reactionary old gits in the Tory party refused to choose any of them to stand anywhere.

Plus ca change....