Saturday, February 03, 2007

Foreign workers better than us Brits say Lincs bosses...?

Migrant workers in Lincolnshire work harder than the local workforce according to a new survey published today.
Sixty-five per cent of British business leaders, including 400 Lincolnshire members, believe that migrant workers outperform locals on every measure.

The Lincolnshire Echo says the results of the survey are a wake-up call to native workers, who are being told to raise their game if they want to compete at work.

There's no wonder that the Institute of Directors supports immigration.


Anonymous said...

I read the article Phil. I also read a speech by Gordon Brown this week in which he stated that in ten years time there will be no jobs available to those without skills. India, China etc are developing very fast and their graduate level and skill base is far greater than Europe.

I hope the message gets through to young people. Perhaps increasing the school leaving age to 18 may help as well as involving business in school curriculum from aged 16-18? I wonder will we ever get to the stage where courses are only available to meet a shortage in skills?

Interesting times ahead........

Anonymous said...

No surprise that employers like a young, hire-and-fire workforce whose minimum wage earnings convert well into weaker currencies at home.

But where is the enforcement?

So far the Gangmasters Licensing Authority has yet to clock up its first prosecution.

The public want the famous flexible labour market to be clearly policed and regulated.

How many of John Pinchbeck's members have been prosecuted for failing to pay the minimum wage?

None. Is that because they are all scrupulous or because most bosses don't join his outfit?

Instead we get all the focus on benefit cheats, a much smaller problem.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Brynley about how some employers are abusing migrant workers. There are also excellent examples in Lincolnshire of employers who pay well, provide welfare assistance, language classes etc.

Gangmasters have always been difficult to control - even in the days when we did not need migrant workers. We all have examples of young people being exploited by this group. I honestly do not know the way around it. I read that one major trade union was trying to get migrant workers to become members to protect their rights. We have Lincolnshire Police publishing leaflets related to racist attacks and advising migrants what to do. We have the County Council News published in many languages. Perhaps we ought to start publishing a "Know your Rights" leaflet for those working in this country. I feel ashamed when I read of the living conditions that many migrant workers have to suffer and the ill informed debate about their presence (I am having BNP literature through my door). Combine this with exploitation in employment (by some), racist criminal attacks and on people who make a valuable contribution to the local economy and who often do jobs that the locals will no longer undertake.