Thursday, February 08, 2007

Lincs health services deliver on cancer treatment...

Health professionals across Lincolnshire are exceeding tough Government targets to speed up treatment for cancer.

The Government now expects 98 per cent of all patients diagnosed with cancer to have their first treatment within 31 days.

According to the Lincolnshire Echo, in November, every patient in Lincolnshire who was diagnosed was seen within that time.

Another Government target states that 95 per cent of all patients diagnosed with cancer should be treated within 62 days of being referred to a hospital by their GP.

And in November, 98.4 per cent of patients in Lincolnshire were seen within the target time.

A huge pat on the back to all the NHS professionals in Lincolnshire who have delivered this fantastic achievement.

Points to note:

1. Speeding up time between diagnosis and treatment has been a key manifesto promise by Labour at each of the past three General Elections.

2. David Cameron recently committed the Conservatives to scrapping NHS targets - if they were ever given the chance.

No wonder that a recent Nursing Times survey found NHS professionals unimpressed with Conservative plans for the NHS.


Anonymous said...

the only cancer in the health service is the government running it.

fairdealphil said...


yes, very clever, i'm sure...

but now look at the facts:

more investment, new hospitals, more doctors and nurses, waiting times cut...and improved cancer treatments.

the tories have always hated the very idea of the nhs and can never be trusted to run it again.