Friday, February 09, 2007

Tory campaigner quits nasty party to join Labour...

One of David Cameron's top campaigners working to win over women to the Tories has defected to Labour - after realising that the Conservatives are still the nasty party.

Sue Percy, North West coordinator for the Conservative Party's Women to Win campaign, has gone one better than the young female Chester councillor who quit the Tories earlier in the week to go independent.

Sue is seen in my picture being welcomed to the Labour Party by Wirral's Labour Leader Councillor Steve Foukes.

She told the Liverpool Post she hoped David Cameron was going to change the Conservative Party when he became Leader.

But Sue, who had been selected as a Conservative candidate in The Wirral in May's local elections, says:

"Over time, it gradually dawned on me that the attitudes of local members hadn't changed at all...They didn’t seem interested in local people or what mattered to them, but were more concerned with their own in-fighting.

"When I met with senior members of the Conservative Party nationally, they didn't seem to be taking any notice of what local campaigners such as myself were telling them, from our experiences on the doorstep.

"But I wanted a party that dealt with the needs of many, not the interests of a few.

"I spent some time thinking things through and realised that the Labour members I met were much warmer and more in touch with the needs of local people than the Conservatives were.

"I’m only sorry it took me this long to understand my own feelings and finally join the right party.

"The sense of relief and homecoming I have now I am a member of the Labour Party and can really serve the needs of local people tells me this was definitely the right decision and I am now where I really belong.”
In other words, behind Cameron's spin and flip-floppery, the Tory grassroots hasn't changed. They're still the nasty party.


Anonymous said...

Who? Seriously Phil are we going to have every single switch any nobody makes from the Tories? My former milkman's brother told some bloke I used to work with, that he is thinking of voting UKIP...will you carry the story, or do I need a picture?

Anonymous said...

The British are a nation of poodles. You know, Bush poodles.

Anonymous said...

political suicide.

fairdealphil said...


1. If i mentioned every switch from Cameron's Tories, i'd bring blogspot to a grinding halt, but i'll continue to bring you news of any notable ones i hear of...

2. Who, you ask? Cameron's Coordinator for his 'Women to Win' campaign in the North West, that's who!

3. With Tories claiming to be closing the gap amongst women voters, i'd be interested in hearing his spin on losing such a key campaigner.

4. You and others say Labour has lost all credibility. Noting the fact that such a prominent Tory campaigner has not just quit the Tories, but joined Labour, will hopefully keep things in perspective.

5. There have been a series of defections from Cameron's Tories to UKIP lately, all of them far more prominent than your former milkman's brother...

fairdealphil said...

6. Glad you liked the photo of Sue Percy being welcomed into the Labour Party.

Anonymous said...

1. She wasn't notable
2. I repeat: who?!
3. They HAVE closed the gap in women voters(if that even matters)
4. The PM is being quizzed by the police. A nobody leaving the party won't distract anyone.
5. Anyone notable? Seriously these local celebrities don't matter. People who are known on the national stage matter. How many of these have gone to UKIP in the last two years?
6. Sue who? Bye bye luv, missing you already...

Anonymous said...

Me thinks thou dost protest too much, Michael?

Are you getting a balanced diet?

Anonymous said...

she's welcome to join labour anyday.