Saturday, February 24, 2007

Cameron Con on road charging…the killer quote

Using the slogan ‘Conservatives say NO to Road Tolls’, Cameron’s Scottish troops have launched their election campaign north of the border.

The campaign quotes Labour, LibDem and ScotNats leaders variously suggesting that road charging should be at least considered as an option to tackle gridlock on the roads.

Oddly, Cameron’s Tories don’t include the following quote from another party leader in their campaign:
We should also look at road charging. There isn't an endless pot of money - so I think new roads may need be to paid for by tolls or some form of road pricing.
So which party leader said these exact words to promote road charging?

Step forward, Er, David Cameron who was talking to his local paper the Oxford Mail just last month about road congestion.

But surely no-one in Scotland subscribes to the Oxford Mail. So no-one will know that the Tories say one thing to voters in Oxford and the opposite to voters in Scotland.

Tory hypocrisy or what…?

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Anonymous said...

Oh dear. Let's hope this helps clarify things.