Thursday, February 22, 2007

Fanfare of rubbish to announce wheelie-bin rollout...

Long-promised wheelie-bins are finally on their way. Apparently. As I left for work this morning, three trucks were parked in our street with a posse of hi-vis jackets directing distribution of twin black and silver bins to each of my neighbours.

When I arrived home this evening, there'd been a double-delivery of two identical special information packs stuffed through my front door,

So that's one special information pack for each of the twin-bins.

Twin-packs. But no twin-bins. I've searched every corner of my driveway, garden and all round my house, but I can't find my new bins, not even one.

I can only assume they ran out when they reached 24 and that they'll be here tomorrow by separate delivery.

When the bins do arrive, I'll have plenty of rubbish to put in them.

For including the outer envelope, each of the special information packs contains ten - yes, ten - separate printed items as follows:

1. an eight-page colour-coded brochure titled Using your Black Bin.

2. a second eight-page colour-coded brochure titled Using your Silver Bin.

3. a third eight-page leaflet titled Slim your Bin, A practical guide to reducing your rubbish (same colours, but not to be confused with the second leaflet Using Your Silver Bin (see above).

4. An A4 sticker for me to attach to my silver bin listing items to place inside it.

5. An A4 sticker for me to attach to my black bin, with a more detailed also list of items that are also to be placed in the silver bin, not the black bin.

6. A gimmicky wheel thingy which tells me where recycling sites are in Ancaster, Allington and Asda's Grantham and a host of other places that seem rather a long way from the Deepings. (Maybe now I'm getting cynical...but there's more)

7. An A5 card with details of a competition if I reply before August using the prepaid presumably by me Freepost Plus address.

8. A sticky-backed A5 calendar titled Your collection dates that doesn't do what it says on the "tin": It doesn't actually tell me when my bins will be emptied!

9. A covering letter from Councillor Ray Auger, Executive Member for Waste Services at South Kesteven District Council in Grantham telling me how wonderful the new scheme is.

I well remember Ray telling me some years ago that a recycling collection system covering SKDC could never work!

Believe it or not, in his covering letter, Ray issues the following warning:

We will write to you shortly to let you know when your first collections are. Please do not use your bins until you have received that letter.
It appears Ray forgot to actually read the Guide to reducing your rubbish before actually ordering hundreds of thousands from the printers...


Unknown said...

As an SKDC ratepayer, I shudder to think what all the brightly coloured, glossy bumf about rubbish cost us. No doubt it will show up in our next council tax bills.
Right on Phil!

Anonymous said...

I am envious. I have contacted South Holland regarding the introduction of bins. No luck -their reply to me was misleading. They quoted research undertaken in 2000 when apparently the good citizens of SHDC wished to retain black bags. I would love to have seen the questionairre as often these are phrased to get the desired outcome. I was quoted a recent Audit report on environmental topics within SHDC - all the good bits but failed to say that they would not meet the governments low recycling target of 25%. Many councils are reaching 40%! I had read the report prior to making my enquiry. Interesting how those employed to serve us always give the good news and not the bad! Sorry Phil - the County News also falls into this category. As too does our esteeemed LCC leader Mr Hill - he should have covered more adequately on LCC's website why the Council retained a two star rating and what plans are in place to improve services in the coming year. It is OK for councils to be honest with people - we do not mind weaknesses or failings if we are made aware of the reasons and what is being done to put them right.

I have just read that SHDC are retaining the black bag and dispensing with the recycling box system. Apparently clear bags for all recyclables will be introduced from April. I am not hopeful that likely increased targets by the EU and government will be met as all research indicates that the use of wheelie bins dramatically increases recycling. I am concerned that SHDC will then receive financial sanctions for failing to meet targets.

Well done SKDC.

Anonymous said...

Wheelie bins.

It is interesting that the nation's top recyclers are Sleaford-based North Kesteven District Council.

They are currently achieving over 50% with unbugged wheelie bins.

Well done them!

Grantham-based South Kesteven have bugged their bins without a public debate and are not doing so well.

The idea of the bugs, it seems, is to prepare for billing households by weight of rubbish collected.

No chance.

If Spalding-based South Holland are sticking with the bags, that will provide a clear contest as to which scheme is best.

My money would always be on the unbugged wheelie bins, but we shall see.

Anonymous said...

I agree Brynley - the unbugged wheelie bins seem to be more successful. Friends who live in other parts of the country and who pay the same council tax as me have had three wheelie bins for different waste for years. Their recycling rates are apparently excellent. I have made a note in my diary to compare my district council with others in Lincolnshire in the future. I will then have another debate with SHDC.

I would be very unhappy if any form of charging by weight for rubbish disposal was introduced. Think of the paper rubbish that comes through my door unsolicited - not from the PO as I have opted out of their gumph. Also the food wrapping which I do not want, rubbish from recycling open bins when the wind blows and items land in my garden etc etc. If I do not have a choice on such issues I cannot be charged for disposal. No doubt others feel the same and some individual will seek Judicial Review.