Saturday, March 03, 2007

Police willing to tackle weighty problem...

Police officers enforcing weight restrictions through Stamford town centre stopped 25 lorries in just a few hours during a crack-down on Wednesday.

Sixteen drivers were issued with a £30 fixed penalty notice and the other nine lorries were turned back.

Hopefully, the drivers who were stopped will spread the word to other hauliers that the clear weight restriction signs are there for a reason: there's a price to be paid for using Stamford as a shortcut.

Anyone who thinks trained police officers should be out catching criminals will be pleased to know that's exactly what they were doing...

The entire operation was run by one Special (unpaid!) Constable and one Police Community Support Officer.

The officer in charge at Stamford - Inspector Gary Stewart - says he will continue to use the resources of a Special and a PCSO to conduct these 'stop checks' to allow regular officers to deal with the other issues that affects our community - such as burglaries.

Keeping heavy lorries out of Stamford helps protect the environment and make life more pleasant for visitors and townspeople alike.

An example of the excellent value offered by both Specials and PCSOs!


Anonymous said...

Yes, like the muggers they make so little effort to catch, the Police choose their victims well. Much easier to stop an otherwise lawabiding motorist, who will quietly pay and shut up, rather than get off their backsides and catch real criminals(muggers, burglars, and other violent offenders). Shame on them. The motorists have my sympathy for their persecution.

Anonymous said...

Good to see a sensible use of police resources.

The Stamford lorry ban certainly needs some policing.