Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Is it a flip-flop or a EU-turn...?

As Call-Me-Dave Cameron stumbled to launch a new right-wing grouping in the EU, his Europe spokesman Graham Brady was stumped when challenged to name names.

The hapless Mr Brady was grilled by Andrew Neil on the Daily Politics Show...

AN: Who are your allies on this reform movement, how many have you got?

GB: Well our closest allies as you know are the Czech Civic Democrats who are in government in the Czech Republic…

AN: That’s one.

GB: We’ve just signed up the main centre-right party in Bulgaria this morning, the UDF…

AN: A powerful force for European reform!

GB: Well it will be, and we never said this would be an easy process..

AN: Anybody else? We’ve got the Czech Republic and Bulgaria. Anybody else?
GB: Well there will be…there will be others Andrew and the important thing here…

AN: Who?

GB: We never said it would be easy, er...

At the same time, over on BBC Radio Four's World at One, Tory MEP Caroline Jackson was happily predicting despite her Leader's huff and puff, the Conservatives would stay in their current political grouping, the more moderate EPP.

When he was running for Tory Leader, the only policy Dave committed his Party to was removing them from the EPP.

If he succeeds, he would leave the British Tories a bigger laughing stock in Europe and even more isolated among our partners than under his predessessors.

And that would be going some!


Michael Oakeshott said...

Are you saying the people who elected those Czech and Bulgarian parties are less important or something Phil? The truth is there are a hell of a lot of people who don't like the European project, in every country in Europe. And there should be a group for them. Your noise over the subject...which in fact has nothing whatsoever to do with an indication of the anti-democratic spirit esposed by the supporters of the EU.

The only people being naive in this are the commission and its paid stooges. The results of the referendum(in those countries where people had the honour of being asked their opinions) show that most Europeans have had enough corruption and enough federalism. If Dave could find some courage, this could be his greatest achievement as PM.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if you could help me.

I visited the Hazel Blears campaign shop on her website.

What should I buy?

At the time of writing, much of the excellent produce is labelled in German only.

Let's hope they change this before dear Michael Oakeshott visits this site.

I'm voting John McDonnell, by the way.

Bijoy said...

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Anonymous said...

Something tells me that Phil will shortly be commenting on David Mercer, the MP for Newark.

Anonymous said...

Me too brynley which is why I am going to have twopennyworth so he can use it in the blog if he wants to.

Patrick Mercer is a man I have always had the upmost respect for because unlike the lazy louts who run our streets today through mob rule he actually did some national service.

However, his comments simply reinforce the feeling that in modern politics today you can be totally incompetent and dishonest with no harm coming to you yet if you make one politically correct remark you are screwed!

fairdealphil said...

brynley/geoffrey: thanks for the prompts...sorry i was a bit slow off the mark for you...see new post...