Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Just when Dave thought it was safe to talk about Europe…

David Cameron managed to highlight Tory isolation in Europe yesterday when he visited Brussels to meet up with the new right-wing fringe grouping he is setting up with the Czech ODS party.

Cameron has committed the Tories to pulling out of the EPP grouping because of its moderate views on the future of Europe

He was in Brussels to meet the ODS leadership and call for a greater focus on global issues such as globalisation and climate change, rather than internal politics.

But the rug was immediately pulled from under the Grand Tory Alliance with their new-found-friends in the ODS when Cameron's Foreign Affairs spokesman William Hague appeared on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.

Interviewer Jim Naughtie pointed out a gap in Cameron's strategy bigger than the hole in the ozone layer...

Er, isn't it a problem Mr Hague that your new allies, the Czech ODS party believes global warming is 'a false myth...?'

Ah, yes, replies Hague before admitting that Cameron doesn't agree with his new partners about global warming...

Great start to cementing a beautiful political relationship. And remember why Cameron is doing concentrate on global issues like global warming!


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