Monday, March 26, 2007

Cameron gets more Marks than women...!

Good to see Anne Snelgrove, MP for Swindon South, highlighting the Conservative Party's lack of progress at selecting women candidates, despite endless bluster from David Cameron.

Anne told the House of Commons:
I was very proud to be elected to this House in 2005, particularly given that I joined a 98-strong group of Labour women MPs...

Does my right hon. Friend think it time for a debate on how to increase the number of female MPs in this House, and does he share my disappointment at the fact that so far this year the Conservative party has selected 17 men and no women?
Leader of the House, Jack Straw replied:
A debate on this issue would be very important. I note that more people called 'Mark' have been selected as Conservative candidates than have women.
Currently the Labour Party has 97 women MPs (27% of the party), the Liberal Democrats 9 women MPs (14% of the party) and the Conservatives 17 (9% of the party).

At the current rate of change, it will take Labour around 20 years to get to 50-50 women and men, the Lib Dems around 40 years and the Conservatives around 400!

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Anonymous said...

Although interesting to watch it was a very unbalanced programme I thought.

By the way I now have a petition on the Downing Street web site calling for a full circular Lincoln By Pass if anyone would like to sign.

Its at: