Friday, March 16, 2007

Thieves target Deeping diggers...

Worth checking security of your garden shed after burglars stole a £500 rotavator from Deeping St James allotments earlier this week.

The thieves forced open two sheds on the allotments at Hall Meadow Road in Deeping St James and took a Craftsman Reartine rotavator.

The allotments, provided by Deeping St James Parish Council, were opened a couple of years ago by gardening expert Daphne Ledwood and have been a huge success.

Our Police Community Support Officer Chris Clark (also partly funded by DSJ Parish Council!) is advising local residents to invest a small amount of money in security measures to protect yourself from becoming the next target.


Anonymous said...

Wasn't the thought of the PCSC enough to scare off the thieves?! What an absolute nonsense these clowns in uniform are. I am thinking a real life sequel of Keystone Cops is going to appear in documentary form on the Beeb very soon(well it'll be cheap, they will need it after the bad news over the license fee)

fairdealphil said...


if you lived in this country, you might know what you were talking about!

i'm not sure what PCSC's are, but i believe PCSO's (police community support officers) are doing an excellent value-for-money job providing higher police visibility that the public rightly demands.

of course, not everyone agrees, including some here in the Deepings who actually pay towards their costs - but generally they have been welcomed - and noticed as making a positive contribution to life in our community.

unfortunately, it's not possible to provide a PCSO as nightwatchman at our allotments which are on a remote country road, a mile from the main community.

btw, in this country it's licence, not license...

Anonymous said...

Phil you live in the country, and clearly don't know what you are talking about, therefore I doubt the relationship between these factors is as straight forward as you think.

I am sure the Community wallies are very nice people. But very nice people can still be waste of money. And they are.

Both spellings are accepted English variations of the same word. A rather petty, and perhaps desperate point.