Saturday, March 17, 2007

How William Hague earned £30,000 during general election...

Revelations that William Hague was lining his own pocket during the last General Election rather than campaigning will rock the Conservative bandwagon as it rolls into to the East Midlands this weekend.

Despite promises to focus on getting a Conservative government elected and offering to 'drastically' reduce his speaking engagements,The Yorkshire Post reveals that Mr Hague took time out from the 2005 General Election campaign to act as a paid speaker at five commercial functions, netting himself more than £30,000.

At the time the former Tory leader had taken on the job as the party's cheer-leader-in-chief for its target seats in the North, the Midlands and Wales.

Conservatives at this weekend's Tory Spring bash in Nottingham will not be pleased to learn that Mr Hague has also raked in up to £400,000 for himself from after-dinner speeches since he returned to front bench politics as David Cameron's de-facto deputy leader.

The YP says despite assurances that he would slash his personal business commitments, Mr Hague has not only kept all his non-executive directorships and advisory posts, but added another position during the 15 months since Mr Cameron appointed him Shadow Foreign Secretary and de facto deputy party leader.

The register of MPs' interests shows that since his return to the political front line in December 2005, Mr Hague has starred at 27 functions and earned between £265,000 and £400,000 from them.

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Anonymous said...

Yes far better to have sold peerages, it would have freed up his time to allow him to bugger the country. Well done Mr Blair(!).