Sunday, March 18, 2007

Hypocrisy charges as Cameron takes aircraft for 90-mile trip...

David Cameron who last week unveiled proposals to tax unnecessary flights has been criticised for taking an aircraft for a 90-mile journey from Oxford to Hereford.

The Tory leader flew from Oxford airport, near his Witney constituency to the home of wealthy businessman Richard Smith in Shobdon near Hereford. The Oxford-Hereford train would have taken a couple of hours.

As Treasury Minister John Healy said tonight:

What David Cameron has shown is that even while he's proposing massive tax hikes on ordinary air travellers he's using planes to travel the 90 miles between Oxford and Hereford - a simple two-hour journey by train.

It just shows that Cameron believes there's one rule for him and his Tory friends, and another for the rest of us.

Just like when we discovered his chauffeur was following behind his bicycle carrying his shoes, we all know his commitment to the environment is all for the cameras.
Almost as good as the time he stressed his green credentials by flying to the Arctic Circle for a photo-opportunity...

UPDATE: The Sunday Telegraph is running this story under the headline Cameron: Do as I say, not as I flew.

The Telegraph includes this quote from Joss Garman, of the environmental campaign group Plane Stupid:
If David Cameron wants to show he is serious about climate change then he needs to take action in his lifestyle as well as trying to exert influence on other people's.

The News of the World doesn't pull any punches when it accuses the Tories of being 'Plane Greedy'

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