Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Chairman of Midlands Industrial Council back in the news...

Bob Edmiston, chairman of the secretive Midlands Industrial Council which funds Cameron's Tories, is back in the national news - this time over contracts apprently given to companies he runs by Academies which he has sponsored.

Last year Mr Edmiston's nomination by the Tories for a peerage was blocked by the House of Lords Appointments Committee.

The Guardian previously reported that before he was put forward for a peerage, Edmiston loaned the Conservative Party £2 million. He has since been interviewed by police as part of the 'cash for honours' inquiry.

Mr Edmiston is multi-millionaire car dealer and property developer and was later revealed as life member and chairman of the MIC - whose registered offices are in the sleepy village of Bassingham, near Lincoln. He was included in my dossier on its members which I published HERE last autumn.

Yesterday, the Guardian ran a front page story on Mr Edmiston's involvement in an Academy school in the West Midlands.

The newspaper reported that The Grace Academy in Solihull - sponsored by Mr Edmiston - has awarded three contracts worth £281,000 to the IM Group, a company which he owns, without apparently asking for bids from other organisations.

Hat-tip to Brynley...

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