Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Nasty Party still for the privileged few...

Tory Shadow Minister Michael Gove's answer to Channel 4 when quizzed about the huge number of Old Etonians appointed to David Cameron's Front Bench speaks volumes.

Michael Gove's reply:
Well all that tells me is that their parents thought well enough of their children to want to invest money in their education. End of story as far as I’m concerned.
What a pity the Tories don't think well enough of ALL our children to support the Labour Government's massive increase in schools spending for the vast majority of children who are NOT educated at Eton (or Stamford Endowed!)...

Even under Cameron in the 21st Century, it's clear that the Tories remain welded to policies to benefit a privileged few, while Labour look after the many.

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Anonymous said...

Labour - the party based on envy and spite