Saturday, March 17, 2007

Burglar uses lost keys in Deeping house-break

A Deeping St James woman was suddenly woken in the middle of the night by a strange cat jumping on her bed.

Puzzled by how the cat had managed to enter her house, the Buttercup Court resident went to investigate and found her backdoor wide-open.

She also found that her rucksack, wallet, Sony Erricson mobile phone and an Optronix OP315 laptop was missing.

There were no force marks on the door and the owner was sure that the door was secure before going to bed.

Then she remembered that a few days earlier she had lost her keys.

As well as appealing for information, Lincolnshire Police are advising people to get locks changed immediately if keys are lost.

It is also vital that your house or address cannot be identified from a key fob. It may help get them back if a kind and considerate member of the public finds them. But if they find their way into the hands of some less scrupulous you are giving the crooks an open invite into your house...

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