Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Guess who says Cameron doesn't believe in anything...?

The former Head of the Conservative Party Research Department, that's who!

Attacking Cameron’s lack of sincerity, Robin Harris told Channel 4's Despatches programme last night:

I think that David Cameron is an out and out opportunist, and although Michael Howard was accused of opportunism and I think practised it a bit over the Iraq war, he was not at heart an opportunist. He did believe things.

I don’t believe that David Cameron believes anything.
Obviously a man who'd done his research!


Anonymous said...

And guess who says that Gordon Brown is like Stalin?

fairdealphil said...


do keep talking about those awful Socialists (as you were this morning) and Stalin.

I'm sure it will be a big winner for you and the Tories:

...just as the disgraceful Evil Eyes campaign was for you in the 1997 General Election...

...and just as Churchill's scare-mongering triumphed in the 1945 General Election when he launched the Tory campaign with a dire warning that if the nasty socialists won, they would launch the SS in Britain as Hitler had done in Germany...