Sunday, February 04, 2007

Former Labour MP drank herself to death...

Fiona Jones was found dead on her bed last Sunday, surrounded by 15 empty vodka bottles, her husband Chris has told the News of the World.

Chris tells how Fiona started drinking heavily when she was Labour MP for Newark - and how alcohol developed into a real problem after she was devastated at losing her parliamentary seat in 2001.

I last saw Fiona a couple of years ago at a Labour Party Conference - ironically I bought her a drink. But she was certainly not drunk and I had no idea she had a drink problem.

Outwardly, she appeared very strong, and had been studying law at Lincoln University intending to sue Nottinghamshire Police, believing that the prosecution against her was malicious.

As I said earlier in the week, Fiona certainly had a raw deal. Despite being totally cleared in the High Court, the case destroyed her political career.

Chris, a former BBC Radio Lincolnshire presenter, says at lunchtime last Sunday, one of their sons was downstairs when he heard a bang. Fiona had fallen and he lifted his mum back into bed. When Chris arrived home soon afterwards, he found her cold and blue and knew she was dead.

He had been resigned to her killing herself and felt relieved that she would suffer no more.

As Chris says in a video on the News of the World website:

It's a terrible waste of a life.
My thoughts are with Chris and their two boys Penri and Huw.


Anonymous said...

I read the article too Phil and I was extremely sad. Sad that a woman was in such despair that she sunk into alcoholism and felt that her life was worthless. Sad that she was let down by her local party - I do believe that some of them behaved abominably. Sad too for her two boys who have lost their mother.

The Lord Chief Justice was very critical of the prosecution of Fiona and stated firmly that the two charges did not have a chance of standing up. I can therefore understand her feeling that she needed to pursue those responsible for the prosecution. Sadly, that in itself can be destructive because it uses up so much energy and stops one from moving on. I would have wanted her to know that the LCJ's comments have been remembered and her character was unblemished.

Anonymous said...

What a sad story, Phil. There is much I could say but not in this place.

Anonymous said...

Patrick Mercer, rejected the allegations of a smear campaign and insisted he was fighting a "clean" campaign.

Fiona said: "The Tories have been asking people on the doorstep if they knew their MP had been arrested on several occasions. It's very damaging. I was never arrested and the court case was dismissed by the Court of Appeal." Fiona wrote to Newark Conservatives to complain.

Patrick Mercer said: “I have made no form of personal attack.”

Commenting on an endorsement of Mrs Fiona Jones MP by Labour Party members for her to stand at the next General Election, Mr Mercer said: "I hope she will have a little bit more confidence to do her job properly as she seems to break appointments, to snub people and refuse to answer telephone calls and letters.

Let us hope in a year's time we get the result she richly deserves and we richly deserve, because if she cannot do the job properly, I know someone who can."

This Christian lady was done up like a Christmas turkey

Let us all hope that in the time to come we get the result he so very richly deserves and we so richly deserve!!