Wednesday, June 20, 2007

School governors overule Lincs Head who expelled teenager...

Governors at a Lincolnshire school have overturned a head-teacher's decision to permanently exclude a teenage pupil for making death threats against a teacher.

Head Teacher at the Gleed Boys' School in Spalding took a tough line against the 14-year-old boy for apparently posting death threats on a website.

But the school's governors over-ruled the Head Teacher and ordered him to allow the boy back into lessons.

He's returned to school, but I understand some Gleed teachers are so outraged at the Governors failure to back their Head Teacher that they are refusing to teach the boy.


Anonymous said...

Rearrange the following words to make a phrase that sums up what this Government has done to support the Headteacher in a case like this:


Good luck to the school. It'll need it to win this case, in a country like this.

Anonymous said...

This is a very difficult issue for me. One would need to know the content of the posting, the boy's character and if he has demonstrated remorse. No doubt the governors were aware of these factors and possible interviewed the boy and his parents before making the decision that he should return to the school?

I did think we lived in a tolerant society were children are permitted to make mistakes? It is very easy on the web to use stronger language than one would do face to face. Looking at some blogs, many adults could be prosecuted for amongst other things libel. I do not condone any threat of violence but fear rushing to judgement before knowing all the facts.

fairdealphil said...


i know that you believe the Government is to be blamed for everything (and credited with nothing)...but it's the Governors who appear to have overturned the Head Teacher, not the Government.

As Liz says, we don't know all the facts that they had before them, so your predictable comment may is rather premature.

You wish 'the school' good luck in winning this case...the governors are of course part of the school.

And in any case, it looks unlikely that this is about "winners" and presumably "losers"...

Anonymous said...

I am sorry this issue is so "difficult" for you. I expect it is very clear cut for most folks.

Do please explain the circumstances where it would ever be right for a teacher to be expected to teach a boy who had issued deaths threats against them?

The left never really did understand discipline in our schools.

fairdealphil said...


may i recommend reading my latest post - turns out the chair of the governing body which overturned the Head Teacher is a top Tory.

which rather blows you out on this one...!