Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Met Office tells Apprentice contender Katie 'You're Fired'...

Katie Hopkins, the horrible contender on TV Show The Apprentice has been told 'You're Fired' - but not by Sir Alan Sugar.

Katie - who has a passing resemblance to Princess Anne - confidently bragged she was a £90,000 a year 'global brand consultant' which made her the highest earner of all the contenders in the show.

I've watched a few episodes in the current series, which is supposed to be about Sir Alan Sugar selecting someone to work for him (the last winner only lasted a few months in his organisation apparently).

Like most other viewers, I've have grown to dislike Katie.

I also wondered what on earth a 'global brand consultant' actually did for a living. But today, the BBC have revealed that her employer - which turns out to be the Met Office - have terminated her employment as she has failed her probationary period!

They also denied that Katie was paid anything like £90k.

After dramatically bowing out of the show last week, mum Katie apparently flogged her story - complete with sordid details of her sex life - to a Sunday newspaper.

She also boasted in front of the cameras that she had lied and cheated to get someone else's husband because I wanted him . Last week photos of Katie cavorting naked in a cornfield with a colleague from the Met Office were splashed across the tabloids.

Somehow, I guess Katie's over-inflated ego is not too worried about losing her day-job. She clearly never wanted to work for Sir Alan Sugar - and probably sees herself as a global media star.

Sir Alan is well rid of her.

My money's on Kristina to win in the final against Simon tomorrow night. But I understand Sir Alan ends up giving both Kristina and Simon a job.


Darlington Councillor said...

Hi Phil.

It probably comes as no surprise that Katie aspires to be a Tory MP and admires Margaret Thatcher...

fairdealphil said...

Thanks Darlington...

Excellent evening at the brand new Darlington College Thursday night with TB...

Doesn't it make you proud...?