Sunday, June 17, 2007

Tories-in-turmoil: ‘Save Dave’ campaign launched after Cameron’s weak leadership is exposed…

Anyone daft enough to believe that the past month of Tory Grammar Wars has not seriously exposed David Cameron’s weak leadership should read today’s Sunday Torygraph…

Political Editor Patrick Hennessy reveals that after Cameron’s 'worst month since taking charge,' Conservative Central Office will launch a ‘Save Dave’ campaign tomorrow in a fresh attempt to finally draw a line under the self-inflicted row within the Tory Party over Grammar Schools.

Patrick H says Cameron’s immediate task is to:
‘restore morale in the wake of the education fiasco - which lasted several weeks and ended with Tony Blair mocking him last Wednesday at Prime Minister's Questions in the Commons while Tory MPs looked silently on…’
(ie, rather than support their Leader).

The Telegraph article also reveals that former Tory Leader William Hague and would-be Tory Leader David Davis are rubbishing claims that Mr Cameron is attempting to position himself as the "heir to Blair"…

Who’s been claiming that Cameron is Blair’s heir…?

No-one important. Only wee Georgie Osborne, the shadow chancellor. Oh yes, and Cameron himself!

Poor Georgie. Last month, only hours after publicly throwing his inconsiderable weight behind the ‘no more Grammar school’ line, Cameron was making his u-turn, collapsing the 'policy' and once again making Georgie looked rather silly.

Now wee Georgie's getting trashed again by Hague and Davis who appear to have more authority than Cameron.

Still, I trust Dave's launch will be as successful tomorrow his attempt to pretend that he’s a strong leader and that there’d be no new grammar schools if he were ever trusted to run the country.

Flip-flop, flip-flop…

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