Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Stunned Tories call off the party...

Bourne Tories can't believe that local MP Quentin Davies has joined Labour - on the eve of Gordon Brown taking over as Prime Minister.

The Bourne Local says they have called off a party they were planning to mark his 20 years as a Conservative MP for the area.

According to The Local, Don Fisher, a Conservative Party stalwart who sits on Bourne Town Council and recently stood down from South Kesteven District Council, said: "I am astounded. I can't believe it. Everybody is stunned."


Anonymous said...

So Quentin is reliably pro-Europe.

Right wing on social policy.

Virtually a prisoner of Washington on Iraq.

No record of any traditional Labour policy sympathies.

Hey, if you've stunned Bourne Tories you must be doing something right fella!

Anonymous said...

Have just spoken to some close contacts in South Lincolnshire and its emerging this evening that Quentin Davies' defection has nothing to do with policy but more to do with the fact that his local party had been thinking of de-selecting him as far back as January 2006.

In 2005 Quentin Davies was elected as CONSERVATIVE MP for Grantham and Stamford.

Given that the Labour Party were not just beaten but thrashed in Grantham and Stamford in 2005 I believe that Quentin Davies should resign the seat immediately and let the people decide.

He is an absolute disgrace who I have no respect for.

I am absolutely sure that the electorate of Grantham and Stamford feel the same.

Anonymous said...


Absolute certainty, indeed.

If they really were thinking of deselecting him, how come you just got to hear about it?

Maybe your "close contacts" keep you out of the loop.

Which would be sensible.

fairdealphil said...


so they adopted him for the general election in may 2005 and wanted to dump him in january 2006.

wasn't that even before cameron became your latest lost leader?

Anonymous said...

I heard about it in January 2006 like I said.

fairdealphil said...

oh, what tangled webs we weave...

fairdealphil said...

you mean like you didn't say...!