Tuesday, June 05, 2007

C4 apologises to its own Executive over coverage of Princess Diana documentary, but not to Princes...

Channel Four's top news story tonight an extended report on the controversial documentary about the death of Princess Diana, to be defiantly broadcast by, er...Channel Four.

As part of their 'news story', Channel Four News informed us, rather bizarely, that: "No-one from Channel Four was available for interview..."

C4 News wanted to ask their own executives why they had ignored fresh pleas from Princess Diana's sons not to show paparazzi pix of the Paris car crash in which their mother died ten years ago.

But C4's news coverage became even more bizarre later in their programme when C4 issued an apology to a C4 Executive involved in the Diana film, who C4 reported as saying he wouldn't have objected to images of the accident that killed his own father being broadcast.

Apparently, he said exactly the opposite. Hence the apology.

This is not C4's finest hour.

I wonder if the maligned C4 Executive will be suing C4 for their slip...?

In any event, you can bet that the angry intervention by Prince's William and Harry will boost Channel Four's rating by several millions.

UPDATE: I find myself in agreement with Tory blogger Iain Dale on this one who says:

Channel 4 is appealing to the basest and most prurient human instincts with this programme. I think they are almost running out of ways to be ashamed of themselves.

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